Nantou Distillery

The Nantou Distillery Malt Whisky Distillation Plant was established in 2008 and currently has three malt storage tanks, one malt grinder, one saccharification tank, eight fermentation tanks and four pot stills. Because the weather in Taiwan is too hot to be suitable for the growth of barley, it is necessary to purchase two-sided barley malt from Scotland every year, and the germination and baking are completed in Scotland. On the other hand, because Taiwan is too hot in summer, we can only produce whiskey from October to April every year. Although peat-smoked malt is currently used as the raw material for the production of malt whisky, peat-smoked malt has been purchased in 2014 to increase the flavors of our malt whiskey.

Taiwan whisky style

The Nantou Distillery was well received by consumers when it first launched a single-barrel original barrel strength malt whiskey in October 2013. In addition, Taiwan is rich in a variety of tropical fruits, and Nantou Distillery also produces various fruit wines and sells them to countries around the world. Therefore, Nantou Distillery has currently developed lychee wine and plum wine flavor barrel whiskey, which fully exerts the local characteristics of Taiwan and out It belongs to Taiwan’s own whisky style.

Black horse pose OMAR single malt whiskey

“OMAR” is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning “amber”.

OMAR Single Malt Whisky
(Bourbon Floral) (46%)

OMAR Single Malt Whiskey “Bourbon Type” has an alcohol content of 46 degrees and is produced in accordance with the authentic Scottish malt whisky production process. It has been aged in oak barrels for more than 3 years. The bartender mixes it by hand to show the sweet smell of wheat And elegant floral fragrance, reflecting the aromas of tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango.

OMAR Single Malt Whisky
(Dried Sherry) (46%)

OMAR Single Malt Whiskey ” Sherry Type” has an alcohol content of 46 degrees, and is produced according to the authentic Scottish malt whisky manufacturing process. It has been aged in oak barrels for more than 3 years and has been carefully blended by the bartender to show the dense longan. The honey aroma combines the fruit aromas of mango, plantain, grapes, plum preserves, and the fresh aroma of citrus peel.

OMAR original barrel strength peat (Bourbon barrel)

Taiwanese single malt whiskey produced with peat smoked malt. The strong Taiwanese territories-the roasted dried longan and the sweet smell of sweet potato accompany the sweetness of the plum preserves and longan nectar. Each bottle has its own barrel number and bottle number.

Yushan Whisky

With a sophisticated blending method, it shows a natural and elegant coordination. The wine is as bright as gold, full-bodied and warm, and the mellow and rich fruit aroma gives the taste buds a layer of sweet taste, which is deeply loved by consumers.

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