Whisky tasting

Identify the type

Whisky is an alcoholic beverage made from malt, barley, rye, wheat, and corn (Maize / Corn) as raw materials through fermentation and distillation. After aging in oak barrels; in different places, using different raw materials and different distillation methods and blending methods to produce different types and characteristics of whisky, most of the whisky will be stored and matured in oak barrels.


Single Malt Whisky

Soak the mature barley in water and let it germinate, then let the barley germinate for two to three days. In this process, the starch in the wheat grains will be converted into sugar, modify the barley material, produce a leading material with excellent flavor and flavor, and form or release several decomposition enzymes; then the germinated barley is dried with peat or coal Finally grind the malt and set aside.

Blended Malt

Using single malt whiskies from more than two wineries and different wineries, each bottle of original wine will gradually merge and mix with each other during the maturation process, so the aroma of malt is more abundant Mellow, full-bodied and pleasant.

Blended Whisky

It is mainly made of grain whisky and supplemented with some malt whisky. The original wine of various whisky is blended by professional bartenders, the flavor is more round and harmonious, consistent and stable balanced taste, which can produce mellowness in the after-throat Coordinated resonance.

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